Because we use the highest grade reflective mesh fabric (70%) maufactured, we are unbeaten in shade and cooling ability.  SilverShade tarps use strong supple polyproplyene bindings, not plastic bindings that are crooked, coarse, and unravel!  Our rolled-rim toothed grommets are hand set in heat-cut holes for life time placement with 12" spacings to improve tarping strength, convenience and easy match-up with other tarps.
A connected, cool and shaded "work area" was designed for the pit crew by attaching a shade canopy from the rear trailer roof that extended over a pop-up tent, shading it's top and two sides.
vehicle shade cover
utility van cover
utility van cover
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Roll-up door opening fastened with  Velcro(TM) attachments.
Trailer Cover (for trailer shown above)............... $249.00*
*Customized Options Available (mirror opening shown above no longer done)
Utility Van/Enclosed Trailer Covers
Go-Kart Racing Trailer
door opening detail
Door openings are secured with Velcro(TM) closures.  Spring clamps or bungee cords work well to secure the cover if windy. 

* Sliding door openings available - * Prices vary with vehicle dimensions & options.
Plymouth Voyager mini-van
The heat reduction inside this van, in full August sun, was absolutely amazing.  It remained 
cooler than the outside air temperature for nearly 2 hrs - felt like air conditioning was still on! 
It's Cooler Than Shade!
SilverShadeMesh virtually eliminates the heat build-up problem inherent in conventional shade tarps and tents that absorb the sun's rays and generate heat which is then trapped underneath or inside the tarp. SilverShadeMesh can reduce enclosed area temperatures up to 20%!  It is durable, easy to use, lightweight, rot/mildew resistant; won't run or fray, and washes with a garden hose. The knit aluminized poly-mesh fabric reflects away heat, radiation, and sun while allowing cool air flow!
Vehicle Covers
* Prices vary with size & options - call or email with dimensions for price quote.
Superior Quality
*OR call/ email with your vehicle dimensions for price quote.
Standard Van Cover 14' x 21'  ............................   $339.50
SilverShadeMesh, PO Box 895, Winnebago, MN 56098