Horse Sheet & Cooler
Horse sheet front view
Silver Sheet
Silver Mesh Sheets have an open front with 2 adjustable quick release buckles,  front surcingle strap and adjustable/removable rear leg-straps. It is lined over the withers to increase durability and comfort.       
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Silver Shade Horse Sheet
Silver Shade Mesh reflects the sun and it's heat off and away from your horse greatly reducing the heat build up on your horse's coat and heat related stress. Other fabrics become hot as they absorb the sun's rays; our Silver Mesh fabric does not absorb heat, it remains cool while acting like a mirror to reflect away the sun and it's heat. Give your horse the benifit of being cool and protected from flies and mosquitoes while waiting at ringside or by the trailer for his next job.
Chest Front
* For supervised use -  Not intended for use as a "turn-out sheet" * 
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78"- $159.95
80"- $159.95
Address Heat Stress and Proper Cool Down Issues
Silver Sheets and Coolers can also be used for cooling down a hot horse.  The sheets work similar to the aluminum wraps given marathon runners after a race with the added benifit of an open-mesh fabric that allows greater air flow and facilitates the gradual evaporation of moisture to help control cool down.
Keep Your Performance and Working Horses Cooler!
Use As a Light Cool-Down Sheet.
* Provides Excellent Fly and Mosquito Protection.*.
* To Enhance Cooling: Dip Sheet in Water and Wear Wet! *
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