Trailer Cover ..............$209  - as shown above.

Custom Windows ........$  45. per window         
The door section rolls
up and is held in place
with Velcro closures at
each end...........  OR...............................................            
  Silver Shade Mesh Trailer Covers
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This cover was designed in 2 pieces to facilitate multiple uses when not on the trailer.
...  becomes a shade awning when            used with tent  poles or bungees.
A couple bungee cords and/or plastic claps make covering your trailer quick, easy, and secure.
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Windows open downward.  Velcro tabs ensure proper closure.

A black poly-mesh screen material stabilizes the window opening.

** As prices vary with your trailer dimensions - Call or email for a price quote **
SilverShade greatly reduces heat build-up problems. It lowers enclosed area temperatures up to 20%  The aluminized poly-mesh knit fabric reflects away heat, radiation, and sun.  The material is durable, lightweight, easy to handle, rot and mildew resistant, won't run or unravel, and can be washed with a garden hose.

    By using the highest grade reflective fabric manufactured (70%) we are able to produce unbeatable shade and cooling results.  The supple high quality finished edging on our products provide strength (600 lbs/sq in.) and user friendliness not found in the loose weave plastic binding of other tarps!  We heat punch, then hand set the toothed grommets to ensure a lasting set, with  grommets every 12 inches for improved strength, convenience, and easy match-up with multiple tarps.
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Larger mesh - Not a bug screen
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