K-9 Cooling Jacket
Vendor Tent
  (top & sides)
Silver Shade tent shade canopy
Shade Cover fpr horse trailer
horse trailer shade cover
Horse sheet.
Horse sheet - heat reducing
Standard Tarps
Dog Specialty Tarps

Utility Trailer Covers
Horse Sheets
Horse Trailer Covers

Tent Tops & Sides
Vehicle Covers
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Covered dog crate
dog crate shade cover
Mini-van cover
Silver Shade custom vehicle cover
Utility van cover
utility trailer shade cover
Tarp picture
Silver Shade tarps and covers
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Superior Quality      

         We use the highest grade reflective fabric manufactured with superior bindings,        grommets, and finish detail exceeding the quality of any other ventilated shade product.
Silver Shade Dog Cooling jacket
K-9 Cooler Jackets
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