Standard K-9 Cooler/Shiver Shirt Sizes:

Small sizes....... size 8", size 10", size 12", size 14".....  $23.95
Medium sizes... size 16", size 18", size 20" .................  $31.95
Large sizes...... size 22", size 24", size 26" .................  $38.95
X-Large sizes... size 28", size 30", size 32" .................  $46.95
Giant sizes....... size 34", size 36", size 38" .................  $54.95

* Hard To Fit and Heavy Coated dogs may benefit from a Custom Fit Jacket.  
                                            Click for more Information and Measuring Instructions 

A NOTE of Caution About "Wet Cloth" Cooling Jackets
Wet towel or cloth type cooling jackets cease to cool and begin to trap body heat as soon as the wet fabric reaches body temperature. This trapped body heat quickly accelerates the overheating problem you are attempting to prevent. 
The same type of problem occurs when horses are "wet sheeted". This information has been detailed in an article in the Horse magazine's cover story, July, 2003, titled "Heat Stress", (page 30) with heat concerns with the 2004 Olympic games in Spain. 
Please help others become aware of this often unrecognized and unintentional occurrence.. When water reaches body temperature it becomes an insulator that traps heat. 
Stay safe and cool. 

*K-9 Coolers are Not intended for use as a "turn-out jacket".*

K-9 Cooler aka  Shiver Shirt

​Reflect the sun's heat off and away from your dog!

This sun reflecting material greatly reduces heat build up on your dog's coat while the open mesh fabric allows cooling air flow through it! The fabric acts like a mirror reflecting the sun's heat off and away from your dog.

For Extra Cooling - Dip K-9 Cooler in Water and Wear Wet!
Increasing the air flow through a wet K-9 Cooler greatly intensifies cooling. 

Monitor your dog for heat build up! Remove K-9 Cooler when dogs are in the shade unless you wet the K-9 Cooler and have adequate ventilation or a fan. Also, watch that dogs don't become too cold even on a hot day! You can make short coated dogs shiver! 

K9- Cooler/Shiver Shirts are amazingly efficient!

Edge Binding Colors 
Royal Blue*          
Forest Green
Bright Blue
*Sizes 8" & 10" available only in colors*

The colors shown may not be exact due to screen differences.
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Small Sizes
Medium Sizes
Large Sizes
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