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If you would you like a little more air flow  with your cool shade - try our 60% shade tarps.
For deeper shade - the 70% shade fabric provides approx 10% deeper shade coverage.

Personal note - We use 70% shade canopies for "top" shade to provide the most protection from overhead heat and use the  60% shade tarps on the sides of more enclosed areas, like covering three sides of our tent, exercise pens, outdoor kennels - to allow more of the cooling air flow - we love it!
Reflect Heat Away - Enjoy breeze - Reduce Heat Build Up!

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ORDER by E-MAIL and/or call 507-893-3646
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Silver Shade cover
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SilverShadeMesh, PO Box 895, Winnebago, MN 56098
Standard Shade Tarps
Standard Shade Tarp Sizes
6' x 7'  =   $ 56.95 7' x 8'  =   $ 74.65
7' x 10' =  $ 88.55 
7' x 12' =  $107.55
7' x 14' =  $126.50
10'x 14' = $169.40 12'x 14' = $205.70 

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We use the highest grade reflective shade fabric maufactured edged with superior quality poly- propylene bindings - not stiff, coarse, plastic bindings that unravel. Rolled-rim toothed grommets are set in heat cut holes to prevent unraveling and insure a lifelong hold. Grommets are spaced every 12" for convenience, to enhance tarping strength and match-up easily with other tarps. 
* If you do not wish to purchase online, call or email us! *
   Custom Orders Welcome!   
We will cover or design virtually anything you'd like. Feel free to call, e-mail and /or send a picture; we'll work with you and provide an estimate!
* Used by US equestrians in Athens, Greece 2004*
Silver Shade Mesh can reduce enclosed area temperatures up to 20%!
60% Tarps    70% Tarps

Exercise Pen
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Conventional shade tents and canopies absorb the sun's rays and generate heat that is trapped underneath creating heat in the area you are trying to cool. Silver Shade Mesh acts like a mirror reflecting away the sun and it's heat while allowing you to enjoy a cooling breeze. The fabric is a durable; lightweight mesh, easy to use, rot/ mildew resistant, does not run or unravel, washes with a garden hose and is cooler than shade!
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