Tent Top for 10'x10'tent..............$229.95
Side shade panel   5'X 9'10"..... $73.60
Silver Shade Tent Covers
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Side shade panel 6'X 9'10"....... $82.25
Enjoy the world's coolest ventilated shade.  Eliminate the heat build-up problems of other shade tarps and tents that absorb the sun's rays and generate heat that is trapped underneath the canopy.   Silver Shade Mesh is an innovative aluminized poly fabric that acts like a mirror reflecting away sun and heat while allowing cooling air to flow through the fabric!  Silver Shade is durable, lightweight, easy to use, rot and mildew resistant; does not run or unravel and can be washed with a garden hose. It greatly reduces enclosed and semi-enclosed area temperatures.
             ...... because we use the highest grade reflective shade fabric  maufactured!
SilverShade Mesh also uses superior quality, supple, polypropylene webbing for finish edge bindings - not coarse plastic bindings that unravel!  Toothed grommets with finish quality rolled rims are set in heat cut holes to insure life time placement. Tarp are grommeted every 12 inches  to enhance tarping strength and improve convenience and easy match-up with other pieces. 
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A word about 60% Shade  These tarps allow a slightly greater air flow while still providing a durable tarp with excellent cooling capabilities. If you'd like a little more air flow  with your cooling - try 60% shade tarps! (Personal note - We now use 60% for side panels on our tent and X-pen to make better use of any cooling air flow - we love it!)
Deflect Away Heat! - Enjoy Cooling Breeze - Reduce Heat Build Up!
70% Shade
60% Shade
70% Shade
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  For 8' and 10' square EZ-Up type tents
Tent Top for 8'x8'tent......................$181.50
Reinforced Peak - Custom Fit Corner Grommets
Reinforced Peak - Custom Fit Corner Grommets
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Compact Side shade panel 6'x 7'10".......$ 67.25
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